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New Equipment

Merlo rotating teleporter with grapple and shear attachments, making jobs accessible and safer.  

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Tree Stumps are grinded out using a grinder to woodchip. Stump removed below top soil level, ready for recovering. Most efficient way to remove. Super job for all preparing your garden and area for the next stages of development.

Chipwood For Sale

Chipwood Ultimate recycling – woodchip mulch ideal in the garden borders to suppress weeds or simply to protect plants during the winter months. €50 for one scoop: €100 for three scoops. €200 for six scoops (trailer load).  

Dangerous Tree Removal

Removal of large beech tree from house/road boundary. Initial job was to trim the beech tree by removing boughs.  During bough removal, tree was rotten in parts and required to be felled for safety concerns. Remember no job too big or small, this was one of our larger jobs. The tree made some thump when […]

Tree removal / thinning

Large tree barrier thinned out around a dwelling. BEFORE AFTER

Tree Surgery, Tree Removal, Aerial Arborist

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